Our Practice

Politics & Democracy

LJW attorneys have played an important role in our nation's democratic processes. Our attorneys, both before the founding of LJW and continuing through to the present day, serve as general counsel for the nonprofit, nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates ("CPD"). CPD was formed in 1987 for the purpose of ensuring that televised general election debates take place each presidential election between or among the leading candidates for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States. LJW attorneys have served as counsel to CPD in connection with the 1988 debates (Bush - Dukakis), the 1992 debates (Bush - Clinton - Perot), the 1996 debates (Clinton - Dole), the 2000 debates (Bush - Gore), the 2004 debates (Bush - Kerry), the 2008 debates (Obama McCain), the 2012 debates (Obama - Romney), and the 2016 debates (Clinton-Trump). Over the last eight election cycles, our attorneys have counseled CPD in connection with the complex set of issues involved in formulating and applying criteria for candidate inclusion in the debates, and LJW attorneys have represented CPD in litigation involving challenges to those criteria. Our attorneys also provide CPD with ongoing advice and counsel in connection with corporate governance and related matters.

LJW attorneys also have worked with nonprofit organizations committed to supporting emerging and fragile democracies around the world. LJW attorneys have participated in international delegations to Peru and Nigeria to provide advice and counsel to local organizations seeking to strengthen the democratic processes in those countries. LJW attorneys provided advice in connection with efforts to ensure that televised debates would be a part of those nations’ presidential election processes.